Connecting Things to PC using .NET with C#

“Connecting Things to the PC by using .NET C# – including historical connecting “Things”” on December 13th 2o17 from 18.00 to 20.00.
Speaker: Martin Veit
Location: Stamford Consultants

Have you ever wondered how to connect things to your PC?
In this session I will show how to do it using:
* Paralel Port
* Serial Port
* Keyboard Port
* ISA Card
* PIC Card
* BT
* Ethernet
And last one : How to connect 10 LEDs, LCD display and some keys for only 10 Fr to a PC!

By Martin Veit 
I am .net C# programmer since 2014. From educational side I am graduated Master of Science in Electronical Engineer. Nowadays I am C# Senior Developer working in a Swiss Medical Company producing hardware.
My strength is to mix the high level software with low level hardware. I was doing IoT before it had this name and before it was popular.

Details: Meetup

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