Async/Await and the Task Parallel Library: await headexplosion

“Async/Await and the Task Parallel Library: await headexplosion” on March 29th 2o18 from 18.45 to 21.00.
Speaker: Daniel Marbach
Location: Impact Hub Viadukt Bogen D

You’ve played with async and await. You’ve got it. After all, async/await can’t be that hard, right? The keywords are nice and simple … until you start integrating it with the Task Parallel Library. Do you instruct the TPL with long-running task creation options? Can you omit the async/await keywords? How do you limit concurrency and efficiently track multiple running tasks? And what on earth is scheduler hiding? Where do all the allocations come from? In this presentation, I’ll explain how you efficiently integrate async/await with the TPL and provide you with a helmet to make sure your head doesn’t explode!

By Daniel Marbach
Daniel ist Software Engineer for Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus, and Microsoft MVP for integration. He is an expert on anything remotely related to asynchronous programming and a respected open source project contributor. He speaks regularly about async programming and quality driven software development at conferences and user groups. In his free time, Daniel lifts weights, enjoys dark roasted coffee, plays with his son and writes more and more code, until a self-made router hack turns his internet off.
You can follow him on Twitter: @danielmarbach

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