Getting Started With .NET Standard

“Getting Started With .NET Standard” on April 19th 2o18 from 18.30 to 20.30.
Speaker: Thomas Claudius Huber
Location: Impact Hub Garage

.NET Standard is – after Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) – the new and recommended way to build class libraries for the different .NET platforms like .NET Core, .NET Framework and Xamarin. Beside the basics about .NET Standard and how to use it to share code between the different .NET platforms you learn in this session how .NET Standard works under the hood, how to migrate your .NET Framework libraries to .NET Standard, how to write platform specific code in your class library project and how to generate a NuGet package for your library. So, overall, you learn in this session all the concepts and details that you need to build your own, powerful class libraries that can be used with any .NET platform.

By Thomas Claudius Huber
Thomas is Microsoft MVP for Windows Development and Consultant at Trivadis. He works as a developer, consultant, and trainer in the fields of .NET, C#, TypeScript, XAML, and Azure. Thomas is a well-known speaker and book author. He has written several special interest books in his areas, including an extensive handbook for Windows Presentation Foundation and a handbook on development with TypeScript. Thomas lives in Germany’s Black Forest with his wife and their three daughters.

You can find Thomas’ blog and more information about him on his personal website on

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